yo yo yo!

some dailies, I'm actually wondering if I should be like hannes and just go waaaay back to basics to properly hammer in anatomy and lighting. but take a looky at these and can you guys let me know why my skin tones look so mushy mushy?


  1. ugh.... the middle womans face shrunk in the colored version...... *face palm

  2. I think the middle one translated into color the best and it's the strongest overall I think. Very interesting character and it's well executed. I think some of the life of the one on the left was lost when it was brought to color, mostly just because of the flat grey arm. I think if you're going to sell it as being some sort of mutation/growth there needs to be some more color variation in it. Consider bending the knees too on that one, the pose is a little static and it seems like he's floating.

    1. haha! thanks! and i'll drop some shadows down too.