hey..... wake up you knuckle heads.

some color and texture studies for today-environment speedies


  1. Nice color and atmosphere with these, they have a good sense of depth. One critique on craft - continue the color to the edges of the picture plane, otherwise it really hurts the depth. The bottom one suffers just because of the white spots on the edge.

    I really like how you're suggesting scale with the figure on the bottom one, but I think there's some wasted real estate in the bottom of the image. What about showing something in the immediate foreground to show how far away the figure is from us. And if the figure is silhouetted like that, why are the rocks to the left of him so brightly lit?

    I'm very excited about your use of color in this piece though because I think there's some real boldness in that purple-blue color. It feels like it was natural to you and just worked. Keep it up!
    PS. We gotta get a digital painting jam going this week. And hopefully more than once!

    1. Also- the values look great on these, I know I could definitely learn a lesson from you there.

  2. I love the color on these guys! It would be cool to see a full page of thumbnails just loosely exploring color like this. I forgot what thats called, but its a really common first step in defining environments for later development.

    keep on keepin on.