johns finished piece


  1. I think this works great at the thumbnail level, and has strong colors, but it seems to be lacking detail in the central figure. The loose brush-strokes on the cliffs and bg characters kind of "push" the main guy towards the viewer, and you eye expects a lot of detail, and when it doesn't it flattens everything.

    that being said, I know you couldnt spend a goodly amount of precious time on this guy too, so i think its a great speed painting, with all the right foundations for a really strong piece........

    also,...i think he might have crazy eyes.....0_o, nah' mean?

  2. ha ha yarp, thats a good point on the detail. maybe i'll go back again and finish it, but with all the school work, this piece might just have to wait a while..........or stay a thumbnail forever lol

  3. I think the changes you made to the composition are making this piece MUCH more effective, especially regarding the big monster on the left. The colors are really nice all across the piece and there, but I agree with Fluke, there's some areas that hold it back.
    Here's what I see, and I'll try to offer solutions too:
    -Right now the two humans both seem one-armed. You don't need to show their whole other arm, but you do need part of it to let the viewer's mind rest in believing that it's there, just showing it curving out of sight with a hand popping out holding something or sitting on a hip is enough.
    -The texture on the rock monsters works well in showing texture, but not form. They don't seem to curve around the creatures. If you put highlights more around the middle rather than the ends of those rectangular shapes they will round out.
    -The last one is something about your application of brush strokes. When they follow the contours of the figures, like around the distant rock monster or around the floating dreads of the main guy, it creates a "halo" effect and flattens out the space to make it appear that his hair and the cliffs in the distance are touching. Try to either remove evidence of strokes in those areas all together, or make them go in a different direction than the contour.
    In a broad sense, it's texture that comes forward in space and where the background is close to the figures it tends to get too much texture.

    Hope it helps in your future painting endeavors!