Hey folks!

hey peeps, do me a favor and check out my Blogspot/portfolio and tell me if it looks all right. Ive put up pretty much everything I have, (as far as new work goes) and Im about to start on another massive application frenzy....

Let me know if anything looks silly, or unprofessional!


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  1. Lookin good, Fluke. It is indeed -- so fresh!
    I don't think anything really appears unprofessional but here are my thoughts.
    -the 'c' in concept is lowercase and everything else is capitalized on your nav bar.

    -I think it'd be good to put animation second after concept in the navbar. It's not as important to you as concept art but I think it should be ahead of sketches, especially since there is good concept work in it!

    -there are a lot of images (26?) in your concept folder, I think less images would have a stronger impact, especially since you're scrolling, you've forgotten what you already saw by the time you got to the bottom.

    -I've always heard that for portfolios you start with a strong piece and end with your strongest. Also think about how the pieces transition into each other, create a flow that isn't interrupted by changes in genre. So maybe start with fantasy characters, creatures, enviros, transition into sci fi enviros, vehicles, weapons and then end with characters again? You get the idea, anyways.

    -the only other thing that I see is how the text is arranged on your header. I like that the letters connect, but when edges just stick out from each other ever so slightly it drives me crazy! Similarly, when they get very close to each other and don't touch it will feel very awkward, like a bad tangent in a painting. Like the section by 'R' 'U' and 'T'. The thing that makes good type look good is consistency, so just make the spaces between letters the same as the space between lines.
    I think you can do fancy things with the type it just has to look intentional and when little edges stick out, it don't.
    Ooh! If you want a domain, you can just go to namecheap.com and get one for, well, cheap and then have your blog redirected to it. At the very least then you can have a professional looking .com, since I've heard a lot of people say that they don't take .blogspot.com seriously.
    Hope this helps!