some enviro and vehicle studies

I felt I should put these up since they are something I really need to work on. if you have any help to offer i'd be incredibly thankful!  Here they are -..... and im ashamed to say that the ships look like a mixture of starwars with disney's atlantis .... =_=

but i did get to practice some more with metal and learned a heck of a lot from these pieces, so not an over all flop.

 and then I realized I couldn't paint clouds.
heres a try at dynamic composition.. by the way thats a small boy in the center... not an amorphous blob... or enormous pigeon.

so thats all....but stay tuned for more studies, there's so many things to be accomplished by march!

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  1. I think all of these guys are lacking in some sort of focal point, much like the green and yellow painting you posted earlier. the eye tends to wander with nowhere to go. the strongest of these is the bottom i believe, probably because the central character is framed in white, forcing you to focus on it.

    As these are just thumbnails, you dont want to invest too much time to these guys but its helpful to set yourself a hierarchy of detail, beginning with the the most important feature, invest the most time on that, then down from there...

    keep on truckin' girl!