New shit!

Sorry everybody, for the sparseness of the posts, but i have been veeeeery busy getting started with the new job. Ive been working like crazy, but i cant show anything that ive done for work, NDA and all that.

I have had time to squeeze out these guys for myself. I feel like i am progressing in my painting skills, and am looking forward to spending more time on personal things like these on the future.

P.S. thanks Eth for the critique, I know I tend to put a crotch flap and leather pockets on everything I draw, heheh, everybody has their standbys... I'll try to keep an eye out for that kind of thing in the future.


  1. very nice :)

    I've talked to you a little bit about the pieces over the phone but one of the things really popping out at me right now, is i think the counselor's back ground is kinda distracting... but it also kind makes me focus on the pretty little orange splotch on his neck. so i dont know, maybe adjust the levels just a tad for those dark grey browns? also, something about the shadow under the left eyebrow is bothering me, it might be too sharp. its kind of making me feel like the subject is cocking its brow at me. is it?

    those loosely rendered robes are awesome though! and im really digging that drifter :)
    i cant wait to see everything you've been working on out there! keep the awesomeness!!! :D

  2. I didn't notice all the subtle texture in these at first, very nice. Especially in the bird guy, your use of the rake(I'm assuming?) tool intrigues me! There's a lot of hyper texture that I'm rather attracted to and I'm curious to see how you keep using those in future works. The drifter, of course, looks solid and badass.