Stephen Animation post

Sorry this is a little late, but I had to get some work done on an animation for my CASL internship. But I think I still want critique on it because it would be a good piece in my reel to show that I have done some commercial work.

So if there is anything that you guys can think of, maybe like if the text is too fast or if the compositions are terrible. At least anything like that is what I want to get better at with commercial stuff. But anything else is game too.



  1. I think you could vignette the edge of the rain and fade it in a little bit so its not such a hard line, you could also put the text in a cartoony cloud thing that squashes and stretches. You'd probably have to center the text and make it a little smaller to fit in the animated cloud. I like the beginning though. Just let me know if any of that doesn't make any sense because I think it may not.

  2. I agree about the rain, and the the sliding text might be able to use just a little bit more ease in and out, but other than that this looks like solid motion graphics stuff, keep it up!