Ben Dallman 2011 Animation Reel Critique

Here is my latest reel, tell me what you guys think or what I could fix before I send it out to everything that moves.

Also if there are any other shots that I could put in from the shots I did on the Robo-san project let me know, here is a link to the shots that I finished.


  1. I think the reel is a good length. I personally think that if you have more after effects work, you should put it in there, because the cat piece looks a little out of place. I like it in there, but it's the only thing in there that is 2d.

    Also in the processing part, it would be nice if you could show what Robo-san looks like before we put the atmospheric bluing on it, and then show what it looks like with it, like all in the same part of the atmospheric bluing part.

  2. I think I agree with Stephen on the cat piece. I can understand wanting to put it in there to show a different bit of work, but being the only thing that's solely 2D, I don't think it is as strong as your other work. Plus, I don't know if it is as strong as some of your other works. I do think you picked the best from what you've got in Robo-san though.
    I do think you might want to put an email address on there that doesn't end in .edu, it might seem more professional? When people see that they'll have to assume that you are a student, not a professional seeking work.