Small submission

I needed something to shake me out of my painting complacency. I haven't done a whole lot lately because of the 3D stuff that I have to do for work. Which of course, I can't show yet. 

Anyways, I wanted to ask, who'd be up for a skype desktop sharing paintjam? I don't know what everyone else's schedule is like in the summer time, but having an online paintjam would be a good way to keep up accountability to paint in our free time, and we could have a theme if we want.



  1. Hey awesome helmet design, I really like the hints of light on the neck area. And the colors work well together. Are you going to sculpt into this more? Would be cool to see it tightened up.

    I should start getting some work up soon, summer has just been a little busy.

  2. Super sweet study, I agree that it would be cool to see you harden this out, but I think you are getting a really good handle on economy of brushstrokes here...

  3. we really do need to find some way to paint jam with all of us... and this helmet is kickin. I'm really digging the mouth piece and the lights on the neck.