Terra Nova Drifter turnaround

This started off as a test for a new pencil brush I found for PS, and I needed to kind of concrete this character a little bit so I wipped up a turnaround for him. Not exactly a full model sheet but I think it gets the design across.

Also, does anybody have any ideas on the color of his visor/faceplate? I always kind of pictured it the nasa/halo solar reflective orange-yellow, but when it has that it feels waaaay derivative of halo, especially the EVA helmet. I stuck with a pale grayish blue, but I just dont feel very strongly about it...


  1. I reeeaaally love the clarity of this design, everything makes sense immediately and that cyborg arm is nicely communicated. It looks and feels like pencil as well, that's a great brush.

    As far as the faceplate goes, I wonder how you would work with it if you thought of it less as something covering his face with the necessary function of being transparent and instead was a a cyborg element, like his arm? How could you change the design so it feels less like a covering? Would it take on attributes which suggest a different race other than humans? (Maybe it has different ridges on the surface which peak or curve in places other than where a human face does?)
    As it stands right now, color wise, you've set up a certain expectation with your color palette that it will be colored like your regular faceplates, yellow, orange, maybe a greenish blue or something? I'm curious what it would look like to have it be a glossy or matte black or deep gray. I think you could benefit from challenging your color palette and value range.

    On a different note, I wonder what design variations you could have on the sleeve because it feels like it would be uncomfortable on the back since the shoulder blades would be rubbing on it all the time, unless he doesn't have that much range of motion with his cybernetic arm? What if you used shapes for those straps that accommodate movement more like a racerback tank?
    I hope this helps!

  2. The faceplate doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the design. His color scheme flows from his clothing to his cyborg arm then hits a brick wall on the face. Maybe try to give all the tech a similar color palette, or make all of the tech sorta patchwork like the dude picks up and uses whatever he can find - a cyborg scavenger type. Either way I LOVE this design the connection to the body looks pretty legit. nice work