copic sketches

So I've been trying to work my way over a hump as far as art goes, and have been forcing myself to sketch more regularly. For some reason i keep drifting toward my brush pen and copic markers, so here are some blue people and a fat little redman that has been popping up all over the place who might have life as an animation later on down the road.


  1. Casey have you by any chance seen That Game Company's new title Journey? Those top guys are very reminiscent of your character in the game.

    I'd say the bottom right most one is the most standout design, especially the subtle touch of pattern on the textile design, I think it adds a sense of history or culture to the design which strengthens it a lot. I'd be curious to see it in the round though, because those decorative wing pieces seem really heavy and I wonder how they'd be attached to the costume.

  2. I Have seen that! and it looks Awesome, I have always been partial to red cloaks/siut and all that and i think i might have been watching that as I doodled these guys. That, and trying to come up with a design that I could build an after effect puppet out of and blend the hinges as a test.

    other than that, I seem to only be sketching in my sketchbook lately, and these where the only things that looks half decent.

    Trying to remind myself that posting anything is better than nothing, even if its crap ;)