032712_more things to critique?

This is a variety post for me, but I just want more feedback on some of the stuff I've been doing for the Pixar portfolio if you guys wouldn't mind helping! I revamped those astronaut sketches that were on the character sheet previously and did this other kid sketch.
Thoughts? Critiques?



  1. I think the astro guys look great! You have a good little line from early sketches, to color sketches, final color and them in a environment. So, i think that you could probably move on from these guys and onto something to include that would demonstrate other skills/styles/colors. Most of the things ive seen on here for the pixar thing seem to all be very "pastel". while i think thats a good thing because pixar is mostly kiddy stuff, but you dont want to have an entire portfolio of pastel kiddie stuff. I would suggest doing some darker stuff, but still sticking with a kid friendly or animated look to it. Think about the new "Brave" concept art, or just hte idea that something can be dark and saturated or of a more adult theme and still be "light" and animated looking...maybe a brooding character with some dramatic lighting.

    Thats everything i can think of at the moment, but If i think of anything else ill add on. I hope this helps!

  2. that junior cadet.... honestly that impresses me the most out of all the stuff I saw tonight. these are great and I like that you chose to experiment with head shapes on the characters you've been creating recently. good stuff, I cant say anything other that the fact that you need to make an antagonist to go on that character sheet.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Fluke. Very valuable. I appreciate it!