Just a couple of doodles to keep the moment going. Hey! Where are you guys? Fluke and Alison, I need to see more of you guys' woooork! Just throw up some in progress stuff, please!

The one on the right is just a color experiment doodle and the one on the left is a character design for a little animation thang I've started working on with Stephen. I'd appreciate critique on either one, or both!



  1. haha, yeeeaaah I fell off the wagon, but now im back with a vengeance! and i'll remind fluke that people want to see what he's been up to :)

    the ice kid, is so cute. so so so cute.

    those pupil-less eyes are great, and the lack of a wrist band is refreshing. Also, I like his expression, its doing a good job of showing me his personality with out you having to explain it using various poses and character notes.

    *explanation to the wristband remark*
    ( I dont know if its just me, but alot of the time I see boy wonders wearing a sweat band on their wrist)

  2. on the experimental piece

    the face looks great! you should finish it!
    makes me want to keep practicing on shape plane exercises. :D

  3. Hola!

    i am also back,( with less of a vengeance)

    the little guy looks awesome, ive always been a fan of having one feature being the focus, (in this case his ginnormous head) and thin shaving down everything else to points, like his tines hands and feet. I dont know if i would go with the spikey hair or not, that seems a little dated to me, very 90s early 00's. it also makes me think hes kind of a punk, but that might just be what your going for...

    As for the gal on the right, she has a lot of character in her face, but she's cone-heading a little bit, or it could be her hairline is misleading, like its at a little more forward perspective than the rest of her face. I think you should try and exagerate it a'la valve style and just play around with it a bit.

    also, i should be throwing up a shit-ton of stuff on here today and during the next week, so brace yo-self!