051811_the third!

Soo for the time being I'm just going to let this be a place-holder post, because I'd like to elaborate on it a little bit more, but I'll post what I've been screwing around with --architectural environments... Comments and critiques, as always. I'm just trying to figure out how to make things look believable at the moment. I think I need to invest in some different types of brushes.

Alison--since it seems like we can't post images in the comments, I was thinking maybe we should take advantage of our digital medium and do paintovers of each other's work to show what we're talking about. I know that on CA in the past you used to see a lot more of this going on.With this one I would mostly just suggest you consider your lightsource! Give us some shadows and highlights, the face on this one looks really nice but seems like there is maybe just a flash right in her face or something?

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